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2 Days of Fun-filled Learning


2 Days of Fun-filled Learning

At Navjyoti, we are always keen to do things better. This time, 14 staff members of the Rural Project stepped out to get trained in Quality Management Systems and improve work efficiency.


Here, at the Rural Project we are about 22 staff members. Almost all of us travel to the field often to work. And our program keeps us tied in serving the community.


So, we decided to head out in a refreshed environment away from office and dedicate ourselves completely in getting trained. We spent 2 days in Botanix, located off Damdama in Sohna, Gurgaon. The training went so well, that we decided to repeat the activity in 2016.


Day 1


We arrived at Botanix at around noon and straight away headed for team lunch. We were all ready for an extensive day. We simply kicked off the training by identifying our daily challenges at work, understanding the importance of Quality Systems and how we can improve our efficiency. To really understand where we stand, we all rated ourselves on a scale of 5.


And guess what? Our average rating came out as 1.8 (sigh).


Understanding our meagerly average score in depth, we realized the importance of small but significant things such as adherence to deadlines, minimum re-work, efficient utilization of resources, minimum wastage of resources etc. All of them needed equal attention to improve our quality management at work.


We held discussions on ‘Why we are not willing to change?’. We shared this through some interesting fun-based activities.


We understood how to improve our working style with the help of Quality Systems. The training covered each section of quality processes and procedures. We were then divided in to small groups to prepare a draft process and share our takeaways by giving group presentations. Even our staff from the local community, came up with great presentations.


As the sun dipped low and the light turned golden, we approached at the end of the training. Our day ended by relaxing by the pool and singing songs together.


Day 2


Fueled by fresh tea and aloo-poori, on our second day, we set off to team-building exercises in field.


We knew this experience was going to be physically tough. But, it was equally important to come out of our comfort zones. The games were challenging for the first time but once we practiced and completed the hurdles, we became confident. We gathered, we need to put the processes in practice to become used to them in our daily work.


Our bonding together as a team signaled better times ahead.



The training has been a fruitful experience for each one of us. What we learned in all:

  • We realized the significance of processes and procedures in management of work.
  • We realized that processes other than our own education, skills etc are also so much relevant to them.
  • We understood the importance of working step by step (through Burma bridge adventurous activity) and not missing any step.
  • We came out of our comfort zone.
  • We were willing to change and follow the processes for efficient delivery.
  • We learned better Time management.
  • We understood the difference between corrective and preventive action and made reports pertaining to our work.
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