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Navjyoti India Foundation

Navjyoti India Foundation is a not-for-profit society, registered on January 5, 1988 by then 16 serving police officers of Delhi Police and conceived by Dr Kiran Bedi, first women IPS, and her team of North district police, with the main objective of crime prevention through welfare policing, education of street children, vocational skills for women drug peddlers and detox programs were its initiating projects.


Vision: Navjyoti India Foundation envisions to challenge the socio-economic inequalities and enable the vulnerable sections of the society towards the goal of self-reliance.


Mission: To mobilize and harness the power of children, youth, women and people at large to approach illiteracy, ignorance,gender discrimination and the evil of drug addiction with an ultimate aim of crime prevention and inclusive socio-economic development.



1. To mobilize and harness the power of children, youth, women and people at large with an aim of crime prevention and inclusive socio-economic development.

2. To organize services for individuals, groups and communities so as to inculcate the self help spirit and to enable them to contribute in social developments.

3. To organize literacy campaign viz. formal education, non-formal education, adult education, tutorial classes and vocational training of various types for empowerment of women, children, youth and community as a whole.

4. To undertake projects for rural up-liftment and development of education, vocational training and self-help group.

5. To establish, sustain and support facilities for skill upgradation thereby promoting self reliance.

6. To build leadership capacities and empower communities in complementing the efforts of nation building by strengthening their resource capability through personal trainings and awareness on socio-economic issues such as health, gender discrimination, ignorance and environment.


Our Values:

1. Inclusion and Diversity: Finding best people without any discrimination of age, gender and caste.

2. Integrity: Commitment to continued validation and support of the highest ethical standard of equality, fairness and confidentiality.

3. Accountability: Commitment to provide quality services; creating a conducive work environment for our employees.



Quality Policy:


Navjyoti India Foundation is committed to transform a large section of our vulnerable society towards Self Reliance and Empowerment by:

1. Enhancing beneficiarie’s satisfaction.

2. Complying with the requirements of international standards.

3. Achieving continual improvements in effectiveness of our management system through systematic analysis and review of results.

4. Training, participation and involvement of all our employees. “As an organization, we are fully committed to ensure the implementation of international standards.”


Prevalence of rampant drug abuse amongst the youth, without any drug abuse treatment program; mothers and children out of school but involved in drug peddling and petty crimes, graduating in to pick-pocketers and child robbers, inspired a new approach to policing being power to prevent, correct and rehabilitate, rather than only arrest. The work continued to grow by leaps and bounds and moved beyond welfare policing to community empowerment.


The work of the organization in the last 26 years has covered areas of child education, skills development, family counseling, drug abuse treatment program, women empowerment, environment management-water, solar and sanitation, legal rights awareness, community development, healthcare, rural and youth leadership program and much more. As per estimates, direct beneficiaries of these programs since inception are 4,00,000. Based on the reach of the existing programs, daily beneficiaries, on an average are 10,000.