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Community College

Skills for Youth

Community College

Mission Statement : India to be a demographic dividend

The Community College enables widening of opportunities through the 3H Model of Head, Heart and Hands.

Meaning, thereby, providing professional knowledge, personal skills and apprenticeships to youth to become holistically productive.

To narrow the widening skills gap and unemployment, Navjyoti Community College provides training in diverse fields like Colloquial English, IT and Computers, Hardware, Automobile, Stitching, Beauty and Nursery Teachers’ Training and various other trades through collaborative partnerships with universities, NGOs, institutes, corporates etc. for the youth. In-built in the program is the enhancement of emotional and social quotient through the 4C’s: Competent, Compassionate, Conscientious, leading them to be Change makers (dividend).


Genesis of the Program

While working with the community for decades, this program, launched on July 17, 2010, was a natural growth for the organization, to graduate from remedial to community college; in other words from play-way to placements.

Operational Area

The project operates in 20 villages and 31 colonies located in and around Karala, in North-west part of Delhi and 32 villages of Nayagaon of Sohna block, Haryana.


Since inception of the organization, 12000 lives have been up-skilled, while 800 have graduated from Community College so far.

Related News

Two stitching centres inaugurated: In yet another endeavor to reach out and fulfill the needs of the community, Navjyoti’s rural centre inaugurated two new stitching centres at Khaika and Nayagaon in May 2014. The centres are helping women and girls of the community get vocationally trained and become self-reliant.

Inauguration of Navjyoti-Yamaha Training School: As a nation, India has a large skill gap, which puts hurdle on growth path. Taking the situation into account, Navjyoti India Foundation joined hands with Yamaha India Motors and launched automobile course at in Karala in April 2014.

Voices of Change

Hard-working and confident Dilkhush Jha has made everyone proud by securing 22nd position in all India CS Foundation exam

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