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Drug Dependency Reduction

Model Program

Drug Dependency Reduction

Mission Statement : Complete abstinence from drugs

Navjyoti’s pioneer model for comprehensive de-addiction and rehabilitation was a medico-psycho-social and spiritual model incorporating a 12-step program, therapeutic community, yoga, homoeopathy and Navjyoti’s own experience in dealing with drug addicts.

Drug De-addiction Program offered integrated treatment and counseling to more than 60 patients at any given point of time where drug addicts underwent six-month residential detoxification and correction program.


Genesis of the Program

Navjyoti started with the mission to prevent crime by identifying drug peddlers, bootleggers, drug addicts, alcoholics, first offenders, men, women, adolescents, and even children. Once identified they were motivated to schools, vocational training centres, counseling services, treatment centres, health care clinics, etc.

Started as a drug therapy clinic in 1987, Navjyoti used treatment and rehabilitation of the drug addicts as a tool to break the drug and crime–social rejection spiral. OPD served as an entry point for motivating patients and the after-care program acted as a platform for preparing patients to get back to the society.

Operational Area

Navjyoti’s drug de-addiction centres were started in Sarai Rohilla, Adarsh Nagar, Lawrence Road, Majnu Ka Tila, Jahangirpuri and Andha Mughal area. The treatment centre was later shifted to Karala, rehabilitating addicts across the nation.


Till 2010, Navjyoti recovered more than 12,000 drug addicts with the relapse rate remarkably lower than the universally accepted relapse rates.

Related News

International day against Drug Abuse: The day was celebrated in collaboration with CRPF 89 & 194 Battalion at Bawana.  ‘Drug Free Life’ seminar was held at CRPF campus, where over 250 secondary remedial education students of Bawana were sensitized about drug abuse. A rally was also held, where the message ‘Say Yes to Health and No to Drugs’ was spread through nukkad nataks and slogans in the community.

Convergence Meeting: Conducted at Village Abheypur, Nayagaon, a convergence meeting was held where beneficiaries were asked to motivate their husbands and children to join the drug deaddiction centres as per the need identified.

Voices of Change

Here is an inspiring story of a drug addict who found a new meaning to his life after joining Navjyoti’s drug de-addiction centre. Anuj Johri not just became free from drugs, but is now running his own de-addiction centre and helping several lives to recover and reform.

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