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Family Counseling

Community Development

Family Counseling

Mission Statement : Reduce domestic conflict and promote resolution

The Family Counseling Centre (FCC) addresses the issues of domestic violence, marital maladjustment, dowry harassment, property disputes, neighborhood disputes, pre-marital relationships etc. Free legal advice is also offered at the Centre.

The services provided by the centre, helps the community members to seek professional help for their problems.


Genesis of the Program

As a part of welfare policing, the issues of crime against women were rampant. Opening of Family Counseling Centres addressed these. First formal centre, sanctioned by Central Social Welfare Board, was set up in Jahangirpuri in North-west Delhi in 1996, followed by other locations including inside the rural project, supported by Haryana State Social Welfare Board.

Operational Area

The project operates in Jahangirpuri area of North-west Delhi and NCR.


Since 1996, the project has benefitted more than 5000 families.

Related News

International Family Day: In order to sensitize the students about the importance of family planning, a session was organized for Remedial students of Bawana in May 2014. It was a reinforcement lesson on population control for personal and larger good.

Voices of Change

Navjyoti’s family counseling program came as a fresh air in Sarika’s life who was facing marital discord with her husband and mother-in-law. Just when she was on the verge of breaking down, she found solace in the counseling program and is now living happily with her family.

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