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kiran-bedi-messageThe Organization was founded with a belief in welfare and preventive policing. We started in 1987 being ordained with a feeling of “Helping the Helpless”. With a handful of supporters and great deal of determination, we continued with our endeavors cautiously but confidently treading un-chartered grounds to help more and more people, gradually changing the mission to “Help for Helpless” and then towards “Self Reliance”. We are fortunate to have had the adulation and support of people all along. What keeps NIF going is the genuine intention to make a meaningful change in the lives of those we serve and the zeal and enthusiasm to learn new things and implement them.The enduring support and belief of a lot of people, donors and friends has kept us going. I wish to thank them all. It’s taken us a long time to reach where we are today, but I feel that this is just the beginning ….still there is a long way to go, a lot more needs to be done.

(Dr. Kiran Bedi)

General Secretary