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Meet Sneha: Our young intern from Mumbai


Meet Sneha: Our young intern from Mumbai

Sneha Arora, a student of Singapore International School, Mumbai spent her vacation at Navjyoti Remedial Education project to teach art to young students.


Her art enthusiasts would stand near the office everyday and wait for her arrival. Each day they would share their excitement on learning new skills from her and greet her with ‘Thank-you’ cards.


In Sneha’s words: “I thought the kids would be mischievous and I would struggle to control them but they proved me wrong. It was evident that their love was unconditional and their values and morals were strong. Needless to say, the students at Navjyoti are filled with treasures of these ethics, talent and respect. Yes! I am a proud teacher.”


Sneha interacted with other teachers of the project and thank them in her own words: “I would name the Navjyoti faculty members and the students a lotus flower because even though situations are tough and there are obstacles around, they blossom and stand strong, not alone but together; in unity and shine bright, just like a lotus flower. The experience has made me realize the power of love and affection. I am really thankful for this wonderful opportunity and so glad that I seized it!”


Sneha, thank you sharing such an inspiring piece and believing in us. We enjoyed having you at our project and teaching our kids great art skills. We would be happy to see you again!

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