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Remedial Education

Child Education

Remedial Education

Mission Statement : Let no child drop out

Time may wait for you and me, but not for our children. Therefore, right education with right opportunities at the right time is the focus of this project. We don’t let any child easily drop out. Instead, we help him identify his potential and link him with opportunities through partnerships, which Navjyoti India Foundation has forged.

Remedial Education prevents vulnerable children to drop out from the mainstream education.   Our education model provides holistic development through music, library, art and craft, life skill sessions, exposure trips, health and hygiene.

This is done through a service delivery system of 3S Model of: Shiksha (Education) Academic growth is basically love for constant upgradation in academics and joyful learning. This love is reinforced through “doing” techniques to maintain their interest in education Sanskaar (Values) Early giving, sharing, sewa, gratitude, integrity, hard-work, discipline, sharing of joy, confidence building, sensitivity, awareness of the social evils, early awareness of their rights with responsibilities are imparted to strengthen the foundation of the children Skills This component enables the youth to identify, promote and enhance their inherent skill which comes so naturally to them, which could as well become a life vocation (see partnerships).


Genesis of the Program

This program, started in 1987, grew out of a compelling need to break an inextricable relationship between loitering, rag-picking, begging and out-of-school street children, with criminality such as drug peddling, abuse, pick pocketing, child labor and other social evils. This project started at the primary school level which graduated towards Remedial component to ensure continuity in schooling.

Operational Area

The project operates out of the urban areas of Bawana resettlement colony located in North-west part of Delhi and rural areas of Sohna Block, Nayagaon (Gurgaon).


Since inception, the Education program has reached out to over 35000 children, with 2000 children attending daily remedial classes.

Related News

Oral Health Camp: We are very thankful to Ms. Sanchi Bhasin for conducting an oral health awareness camp. The session was about brushing techniques and common oral health problems among children.

Quiz Competition: Navjyoti Remedial Education Project organized a quiz competition for its students of class VI to X and alumni students. First time such kind of activity was organized for the students in Bawana, giving them a different exposure. Ms. Neetu Sharma Joshi, Executive Director, NIF appreciated the efforts of the students in her motivational speech.

Voices of Change

From a reserved self to a fearless girl, Tonika is an inspiration to many as she studies in Navjyoti remedial classes and simultaneously holds the position of Registrar of Navjyoti (Bal) Gurukul.

Navjyoti has given wings to the creativity of these teen engineers, who have created a working robot. Watch the video to know more about the young duo.

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