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Self Help Groups

Women Empowerment

Self Help Groups

Mission Statement : From dependence to self-reliance

Confined to homes, financially dependent, many victims of domestic abuse,

Women empowerment program has enabled members of the Self help groups mobility, financial stability and social empowerment.

The persevering intervention of the organization with women led these same women come together through 112 Self help groups and further forming a democratically elected Federation ‘Jagrit Nari’. They are an amazing success story in the form of entrepreneurship, community leadership and social coalitions, all made possible through right opportunities easily accessible to them.


Genesis of the Program

The organization went to the rural area in the year 1996, knowing that women needed visibility. It began with Family Counseling centre and ‘Women for Women’ program initiated in 2001. This persistent effort consolidated into formation of Self help groups in 2003 and subsequently into formation of a federation ‘Jagrit Nari’ in 2007.

Operational Area

The project operates in the 32 villages of Nayagaon of Sohna block, Haryana.


We are currently reaching to 1260 women through 112 Self help groups.

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Voices of Change

Earlier confined to household, Babita now owns a shop and is an earning member of her family. Witness her journey of utmost hard work.

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