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Varsha- young HoD of Sports & Yoga department

Varsha- young HoD of Sports & Yoga department

Varsha, Head of the Department of Sports & Yoga department, is a budding leader of the Navjyoti Bal (Child) Gurukul movement. Student of class X of Navjyoti Remedial Education Program, Varsha is a shining star growing up in the resettlement colony of Bawana, Delhi.

Navjyoti Remedial Education Program provides art and craft, music, library and sports classes to all children, helping them discover their inner talent. Varsha grew from within and dropped her fears and shyness to discover her inner strengths and talent. Continuous efforts and opportunities brought out the best in Varsha and helped her blossom at a natural pace.

Sports, races and yoga training gave her all the confidence and November 16, 2014 – The First Gurukul Foundation Day became a big memorable day for her. A team of 35 performed yoga which stole the hearts of 500 people. Varsha is now teaching 20 community children who just spent time fighting in the lanes. She is the new age change-maker from the community, which is full of challenges and deviant activities.

When asked about what changes does she see in herself after the Navjyoti program, she replies, “I have found my inner talents, have become courageous, have started working hard and become helpful.” She also is full of gratitude towards the organization.

This is the power of a good education model which Navjyoti is gifting to the thousands by giving endless opportunities & exposures.

- Compiled by Sunny Nagpal, Project Officer, Child Education program

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