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Watershed Management, Solar Energy, Organic Farming & Sanitation


Watershed Management, Solar Energy, Organic Farming & Sanitation 

Mission Statement : Instill ownership for sustainable lifestyles


of India is in its over 700000 villages, yet sensitivity towards environment is wanting.

While working in the rural areas, Navjyoti India Foundation took upon itself to impart education on matters such as water, sanitation, organic farming, solar etc.

This is done with the help of partnerships with experts in environment technology such as Institute of Rural Research and Development, Ozone Pharma, Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES), Hartford University, Lanco Foundation and Engineers without borders. Construction of water harvesting structures such as check dams, gabion structure, gully plugs and recharge wells, has been done with the help of community.


Genesis of the Program

There was heightened construction of housing in the rural belt and the scare of decreasing water table. Also was seen how girls were being held back from schooling to fetch water from long distances.

Due to water scarcity, certain traditional trades like pottery were vanishing. In 2001, Navjyoti decided to step in to spread the concern. The organization took the lead by convening Maha Panchayat (meeting with village leaders) in Sohna block, Gurgaon, Haryana to share responsibility to take preventive steps.

Operational Area

The project operates in the villages of 32 villages of Sohna block, Gurgaon.


The project benefits 5000 lives every day in many ways. Livelihood has returned, children have gone to school, women’s burden has been relieved, water table has gone up, dried wells have got water back and community is much more aware of value for respecting nature.

Other notable impact of the program in one of the villages, Abheypur, is as:

  • Increase in water level from 60 ft to 96 ft
  • 30 acres of agricultural land put to productive use
  • Livelihood generated : Rs 3 lacs in 8 months through daily wages (40 labourers)

Related News

Sweeper Training: Navjyoti India Foundation conducted a training with sweepers from 12 villages in Rithoj, Bhogpur Mandi, Satmathla, Satlka, Tolni, Sancholi, Ghanggola, Chuhadpur, Abheypur, Bhondsi, Sehjawas and Alipur. Participants shared their challenges, comprising of lack of support from respective Panchayats, etc. Alternative for excessive use of polythene was also discussed.

Pani Panchayat: With ‘Importance and Power of water’ as the theme, ‘Pani Police’ was idealized by Dr Kiran Bedi on March 2, 2014 at Nayagaon to minimize the wastage and misuse of water. This was followed by Pani Panchayat which was attended by technical experts, govt schools, private school, youth groups, women groups, Panchayat, key persons from community.

Voices of Change

Rural leadership program is doing wonders for the empowerment of the community. Witness another leader in making, Geeta, and how she is addressing the community’s need for water.

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